Does your girlfriend/boyfriend get jealous when you look at other girls/guys?

*I totally do get jealous when my boyfriend looks at other girls but I try to ignore it

*I rather him be vocal about it rather then sneaking peeks when I'm not looking

*However, it does make me feel like I'm not hot enough to keep his attention.


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  • Trust me, if he didn't think you were hot enough, he wouldn't be dating you. While I do think a guy should be respectful of his SO and not look at other women when he's with his girlfriend, sometimes its just a subconscious reaction. I know I've checked out other guys in front of my boyfriend before without even thinking. The important thing is that it doesn't get out of hand. If he's doing it blatantly and often, it's disrespectful. If it's just an occasional, subtle thing, don't stress about it. As long as you're both making each other feel desirable and secure in the relationship, it's normal and doesn't mean he thinks you're not hot enough.

  • sometimes ignoring it isn't always the best thing to do.


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