Help me girlssssss?

I'm ugly fat black pig and my face is sooooooo ugly it's not even cute as a female I got masculine face 😂 I feel bad about it tbh
I'm fat and my doc says I have to take pills to lose weight because my hormones are lacking my work anyways am ugly and I have low low Low low low self esteem and when I laugh people kinda feel uncomfortable because my smile is ugly😂 so basically I want be skinny hot teen like those girls who are not even trying to be hot
I mean this is isn't fair at all
I take care of myself and I don't see that I can be half of what they are people say no one actually wanna date me so my appearance is lacking me so much people insult me like 6 times when I go to school and when come back
And I feel dumb so dumb that I start to ask myself what's the point of me? If am not pretty if am not smart?
Girls bully me with look bully me with my grades I try to be better but kinda gives me depression more I want be savage I want have strength I want be attractive
I just don't know how and I did make over and it didn't work ladies take me as your sis or your friend now and help me please am 18 by the way I just wanna be like any other healthy teenagers
Help me girlssssss?
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