Why am I obsessed with how my boyfriends looks?

i think he's georgeous but when he shaves or I see him live on the x box,i feel I don't fancy him at all,he looks so different and I'm actually pretty miserable and down about the whole thing,i really love him but I'm so confused,can someone help me,this is ruining my life at times and I'm so anxious and upset over this,thanks,dawn


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  • Honestly I think you should break up with him then. Seriously, if the only reason why you are with him or "fancy" him is solely based on his appearance and looks then you are with him for the wrong reasons. Think about it, you getting anxious and feeling miserable over how he looks at certain times or situations (like after he shaves!) Come on, if you truly care and perhaps love your boyfriend, how he looks after he shaves and when he on the xbox shouldn't really matter that much, if fact you should be able to look past those only (2) inccidents where he doesn't look as gorgeous as he typically does. If anything it sounds like based on your perspective your relationship with him is solely based on looks. I mean most people who are in a relationship and get anxious and miserable is because is 1.) their significant other isn't acting like themselves or 2.) their significant other is acting like they don't want to be in a relationship anymore... Basically, I think you need to get a grip and perspecitve on this whole thing and even realize that there are worse things you could be facing with your boyfriend unlike worrying over how he looks after he shaves and appears on XBox...


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  • If you love him then your love won't be based on how he looks, don't obsess over it.

  • How long have you been with him? Have you fallen for who he is yet or is it fairly new and all about the looks? If it's the latter, you just need to get to know him better, if he treats you right and makes you happy then you will probably find him attractive all the time... that said, we all have looks that we prefer most for our partners, and times when we will fancy them more than others, it's just about coming to terms with that and not worrying about it too much! If he's turning you off more than turning you on though, perhaps it's time to re-evaluate the relationship, it can't last if you're not attracted to him the majority of the time.

    • Sorry, just noticed this is three months old. How did it turn out?

  • you obviously don't love him

    • not true but I'm getting fed up of being teased and penalised for something that genuinely upsets me and people on here just think its all a big joke and no wonder people are committing suicide because the internet is a very cruel place to be at times

    • no. I don't mean to be cruel but maybe you are only infatuated with him and not in love with him.

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