Sexual attraction or friends?

Every time I am with this person I catch him looking at me and sometimes he looks away so fast that it is almost funny, but it's nice to be looked at. When we are talking and having a few beers strokes a beer bottle which turns me on. He listens to every one I say and remembers things I don't even remember telling him. We have been friends for about 8 months and I just want him to kiss me but he hasn't. Am I miss reading his cues?


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  • NO . sounds like you are reading them very well. What you are maybe not reading is his shyness and inability to express more fully how he feels and especialy to take the next step.

    I guess that he doesn't want to spoil what he has. That he's holding back because he enjoys talking with you, looking at you . he'd rather stay in that enjoyable comfort zone than risk asking you for a date, getting rejected and being left with nothing (because you'd cease talking).

    Just ask him . go for it. Or help him ask you. Next time he does that big signal with the bottle . sat#y something carefully. Tell him you wish you were made of glass. Hell go "Huh?" And you could explain . before you know it you'll be frothing too!

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    • I think you might have it. I think he enjoys it so much he doesn't want it to change.

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  • i don't think you're misreading - it sounds like he's into you.

    the glance away shouldn't be surprising - these days men can't sit & appraise a woman when she hasn't given explicit permission, plus of course there's the "caught out" factor. the fact that you're catching him at it a lot shows how keen he is to look you over.

    the listening/remembering strikes me as being good indicators that he's interested in you.

    could be he's shy, or nervous of making a wrong move & ending up either rejected or slapped with an harassment suit :P (i'm not sure whether this is a work colleague or something else)

    maybe you'll have to make the first move.

    good luck

  • You're probably reading his clues right, but what clues are you sending? I'm not going to kiss a girl unless I get some sign that it's okay. If you don't send that sign, I would hold back. So, probably, would he.

  • Guys are typically careful to jump because if they do and you don't respond, then the guy is screwed (not in a good way). What signs are you sending him?

    • I complement him, tell him how much I enjoy spending time with him. I have even done a little lip licking and his response was to lick his lips too. But not mine. lol

    • Make up his mind for him! Get on his lips!

  • Make it more obvious your into him and make the first move!


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  • I agree with the boys: he's totally into you, but scared to take things to the next level.

    You could just kiss him first. I never really like making the first move, but some guys just can't get up the confidence until you get them started.

    Otherwise, start sending stronger signals:

    Playing with your hair and licking/biting your lip are good ones, but probably aren't enough with this guy.

    Catch his eye contact and hold it longer than normal.

    Try touching his hand when you're talking.

    Be closer to him physically.

    Say flirty things to him.

    When you catch him checking you out, smile or wink.

    Most of all, have some fun with it, and with him. :-)

    • Try being blunt and tell him you'd like a date... at the very least it will ruffle his feathers enough to break him out of being shy (hopefully). The signals and cues aren't working, so sending more will only frustrate you.

    • SuperStrength79 might be right, but I got the feeling from the question that your signals may not have been that strong.

      And I just really hate making things that easy for the guy that he doesn't have to take any leap of faith by taking a chance on me. I just never feel that good asking a guy out or telling him to ask me out. Maybe you're different.

      But sometimes it's the best thing to do, and there are guys out there who are worth it and start to shine with confidence once things get going.

  • Sounds like to me, this guy is into you, yet at the same time, he is extremely shy and not very confident! I dated a guy like that once, and found it very frustrating! Took this guy for ever to even kiss me and I thought, he nuts or just stupid? So read the signs, his inability to ask you out, if he's into you, should speak volumes. If your confident in yourself, ask him out.

    Go for it!

    • I agree, He's probably too shy to make a move... I don't think that makes him stupid though. Just different.

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