Do men find me intimidating?

I dress sort of punk rock. I wear allot of pleather/ leather, thigh high boots, heels, lot of jewelery, low cut tight top, dresses and paints. Clothes that's provocative but not slutty or tacky. I am a fashion major so my out fits are part of my career because I make my own clothes. I wear allot of blue sparkly make up. I have a sort of aggressive personality and like to joke around allot. I'm very artsy and like to give advice, I also know allot about politics, the sciences and history and I like to debate. I have blond hair and blue eyes and I am 5ft 3 and 115 pounds. People tell me I am very attractive, and have a nice figure. Would you find me intimidating? If so would it be hard for you to approach me if you like me? If so how do I tell if some one likes me?


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  • punk rock chicks are hard to approach lol no joke

    i find it harder then normal regular girls who dress in abercrombie..


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