What do you find attractive about a girl/women?

Give details and give reasons for your answer.



Hair (color, style..)


Features (eyes, nose, lips...)

Personality (shy, quiet, nice,loud, outgoing)




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  • I like a girl to be thin(er) but not because I don't like bigger girls, its because I like to know a girl takes care of herself.

    I like girls of all races, but prefer either Irish/Scottish descent (because of the red hair a lot of the time), or an Asian/Caucasian hybrid..

    Age: Has to be within 2 years of me above or below

    Features: Need to be softy I guess, but the only things I care about on the face are eyes and lips, they just need to be kind eyes and no lip piercings

    Personality: I find it hot if she's shy, but that doesn't limit me to only that. I also like girls who are like me, loud, fun, and outgoing. One major need is kindness.

    Lifestyle: Anything but sedentary

    No smoking or excessive drinking or drug use and that's my perfect girl, haha..

    I've never actually thought this much into it.


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  • not really but idc because it how they act nd if there willing to go running nd lose that weight

  • colored eyes

    starght forward nd caring

    but not jelouse nd sefl succesful

    nice personality

    weight doesn't matter

    hair I don't care

    • This is fair. And not to be rude or weightist if that's a word, but would you see yourself intrested in a 300 pound girl.

  • Features: Big boobs, nice butt

  • Race - doesn't matter - I'm attracted to a lot of types

    Age - around mine, within a couple years - find people who date too far in either direction odd.

    Hair - doesn't matter, but usually not red - idk, I don't like redheads

    Weight - healthy - I don't track numbers

    Features - vary person by person - attracted to different types

    Personality - varies, anything but overly aggressive or boring - attracted to many types.


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