I always catch a guy looking at me. Why do guys do that?

I'm pretty awkward yet collective. I can be a little silly, maybe weird. I've been called cute pretty so on and so on. Sometimes I do something small and I always catch a guy looking at me smiling but shaking his head. what does that even mean?

For example this one time me and my guy friend (at the time) were in the hallway waiting for our class to start. It was just me and him..he was standing/leaning on the lockers and I didn't want to sit on the floor because it was dirty, so I opened this sliding glass door shelf Thingy (a place to put trophies and bulletins and such) and I sat in it. Then he smiled at me and started shaking his head.

Another time I was in class I was biting my lip and I looked at my other guy friend and he was already smiling and shaking his head at me.

What the heck? Lol


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What Guys Said 1

  • They're laughing at you, but your actions are kind of cute.

    • Is it a bad "laughing at you" or good?

    • It's good. They're thinking, "She's funny and kind of attractive. Too bad, we're just friends. Oh well. Anyway, back to my business."

    • Hmm..alright! Well thank you for being honest :)

What Girls Said 1

  • they think you're funny and probably pretty. but you'll never know if the headshake is because you make them laugh as a friend, or because you make them laugh and they want something more. I guess you just need to ask


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