Spray Tan Time... Never tried it before?

I know that I need to exfoliate beforehand, not shower for 8 - 12 hours afterward and wear loose clothing afterwards... but I have some other questions

What time of day would you recommend and why?

Can I sleep in my bed two hours later? ( worried about rubbing it off and/or marking my sheets) what comments do you have surrounding this?

How can I make my spray tan last longer?

I ended up getting a professional run on tan with a trial before the big night. The salon answered all of my questions, and although my hands were a bit weird the first day, I looked fantastic!


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  • I just got a spray tan Monday.

    I would recommend that you get the tan mid day like around 4, to 8, anywhere between then would be good. And call to make a appointment so that you actual get a spot.

    Wear loose clothes like shorts BUT NOT booty jean shorts, and a t-shirt that's kinda big and Flip flops. Don't wear socks or sneakers at all.

    And don't for get to put your hair up in a bun or a high pony tail, and pin up and baby hair on your neck.

    And take off any jewellery (necklace, rings, anklets, and bracelets) Cause tho's well leave tan lines.

    When I go I always go naked, I really don't care. Cause the person who sprays you if you DON'T use a booth as seen it all. (big girls, little girls, big boobs, little boobs. To stretch marks to everything for 80 year old women to men) So know one really judges haha.


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  • you should read up on the stuff in th spray tan before you put it on your body its nasty stuff.

    • Like...

    • i don't know I looked up the individual chemicals in it once but don't feel like doing it again. it was some nasty sh*t like known neuro toxins, stuff that alters and damages your dna, and some other thing that can mess with your fertility. the stuff that actually colors your skin I think was mostly safe its the other ingredients in the spray tan that's bad.

    • Wow. Thanks :)

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  • I don't suggest spray tanning. Thankfully my experience didn't turn me orange, but it was a very fake shade of darker skin and didn't look right. I've heard great things about St. Tropez gradual tanning lotion (found at Sephora), and I'm giving that a try this spring.


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