What does eye contact mean?

what does eye contact really mean to you dudes.? Why is it so important? can I show a guy I'm interested threw eye contact?


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  • eye contact can tell you a lot if you know what to look for if her pupils dilate it shows interest. if she is staring she is paying attention, if she breaks eye contact and looks down she is being submissive a vary good sign of attraction as she letting you take charge, also you can get lost in her eyes at times. the best part is all of this is done sublimley you do not know in most cases you did/ are or about to do it unless you look for it.


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  • Eye contact an mean alot...

    For example, when I was younger, I was looking directly in the eyes of the girl I liked, from across the room. She was doing the same, and she figured that I liked her. If you like him, you might look at him straight in the eyes, or maybe if your shy you might look away. It really depends on your personality... And his...

  • O yes you can its actually one of my favorite parts of talking to a female well people in general because it shows that your engaged in conversation.And if I'm talking to a girl that's showing eye contact omg I love that lol


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