Girls' gesture to rub their bare legs with the hands?

I have a very dear friend at work. She is extremely pretty and hot and she knows she is. Often, when I am talking to her and when she is wearing skirts, and when she is sitting with her legs crossed, she starts rubbing he legs with her hands. It almost looks like "just natural" for her, but it almost feels like she is feeling her smooth legs. Something tells me that is a gesture for something. Does anyone understand body gestures and can you please help me?
I always make a concsious effort not to show like I was looking at her legs. So my next question would be, is she expecting a comment or a compliment? What if I say something?


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  • i do it all the time,i just like how smooth legs feel

    • Agreed. When I wear a skirt and my kegs are smooth it's just what I do. Maybe her leg is a little chilly. A quick rub warms it up. :)

    • I agree with both of you. I can relate to that. Also, it's true, her legs are very smooth all the time. At least they look smooth. haha. I have'nt beein going around feeling them. :))

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  • It's kind of a subconscious gesture that we just do, cause maybe it feels nice or something. Or cause it's something to do with our hands. Like when we subconsciously twirl our hair in our fingers or you subconsciously adjust your ball sack.

    • That's possible too. LIke I always take my hand to the back of my neck; even though it means nothing.

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    • No worries, brutha!

    • You are an awesome sis. :)

  • It's her way of getting you to look at her legs, dude. And you did! worked. Made you look!Made you look! And you're still thinking about them. Diabolical plan.

    • Haha. She is so pretty and everything about her is so attractive, she does not need to do anything to attract attention.

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  • She is a co-worker so I wouldn't go telling her she has nice legs because that could be considered sexual harassment. I understand both of you are close but I have something to ask; have the two of you ever gone out together as friends or something out of work. Because there is a difference between people you work with and actual friends. How well do you know her. If you want this to turn into something more, flirt with her a little more. Give her more attention. She will like it and she might elevate her own flirting. She might give you better signs that tells you she's actually into you. Just don't come on too strong. If she isn't she might freak out and you might lose your job.


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