Having trouble forgetting her?

Sometimes you learn stuff the hard way. The girl that loved me back in 9th grade when I was a freshmen I was blind to see what beauty was focus on looks rather personalty. I remember this girl that always would say hi to and didn't matter the distance she was she would always ask me if I had a girl friend and I would make up lies and say I did. my friends would tell bro she ugly and I listen like a dumb ass to what they listen to them. I remember treating her bad. Asking her if she would go to the movies with me and make up a lame excuse why I didn't go with her I did it. To her twice. I guess I broke her heart. But even after what I did she found somebody she would still look for me. Then she finally found some body a friend of mines. Now they go out and she won't even look at me or talk to me. I guess I hurt her too much and the more I try to feel happy for her but the pain just won't go away the more I try to avoid her she keeps running in to me. In my years in high school I had a crush on two girls I would ask them out and get denied. I remember telling this girl that I liked her biggest mistake I ever done now she won't even look at me ignore me and pretend I don't exists I guess the pain I feel now is the pain is the pain that the girl felt. Rather it's Carma I know earned it and will have to cope with and forget.


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  • have you got over her?


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