Tongue ring!!!

this boy I like asked me one time would I get a tongue ring and I was no, and he asked me why and I told him they just don't look right and then he said they look sexy, then he asked me why I don't get a belly ring and wear the little half shirts that show your belly, and I was like that just isn't me- what do you think of him asking this and would you do these things for a boy you like?


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  • I definitely wouldn't do this just for a guy. I'm not crazy about either of these either (at least not on me). And it's *your* body!

    I wouldn't be too upset if he was just making a suggestion and letting me know what he liked. But I wouldn't put up with him pressuring me about it, or making me feel unattractive for not having piercings.

    I think it's kinda good that he's communicating what he wants, but he also needs to appreciate you for who you are. And he needs to appreciate the beauty that you have, or he's just not the guy. I'd need more information to know if you should be upset or not, but I'd say probably not unless he's being pushy or making you feel bad or yourself.

  • never change who you are if you aren't comfortable with it then no don't do it! and if he doesn't like you the way you are then maybe he doesn't l;ike you! a hard truth but a possible one!