Guys, how to get your attention?

I always feel my boyfriend is ignoring me. I always change my style, hairstyle and wear skirts and dresses, still, no change. @.@


Thanks in advance. :)


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  • If I love someone, she always has my attention. She starts to kiss my neck and then we are both running off to the bedroom.

    • kisssing neck? Thanks I'll try it. XD

    • Even though you two are still young you should know the other person's sweet spots. Take the next foreplay time to explore more into it. Once you know the buttons that get them going, you might be able to use that later on. Good luck. :)

    • Why thank you very much. :)

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  • where is his attention going? maybe this is where you'll find common ground (so long as it's not other girls LOL)

    • Studies.. Base on my observation, he's not a chick boy. XD Is that possible?

    • Studies - under 18 that's what he is *supposed* to be doing (and you).

      I was the same way when I was your age - let me tell you, even taking your top of and giving me a lapdance (and more) would not have done much for me in those days, except maybe making you feel even more taken for granted.

      You are not, though - it is just he duly considers other important things. If this does not work for you, find a more mature guy, not a loser though who isn't successful with job or academics due to girls

    • Thanks. That helped too. :)

  • Just by changing your appearance you don't change who you are as a person.


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