How can I get this guy to like me?

Hi can I have some tips from guys about what girls have to do that will make you want to go out with them I'm 15 and never been out with a guy or anything like that and I really feel ready so any tips


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  • hey girl, I swear that you're not ready just for asking this question. This is not the right way to start, instead just be the best "you" all time nd someone proper will be interested in you, then don't jump on just because someone gave you attention, choose someone you like.


What Girls Said 1

  • Here are some ideas, some bolder than others:

    1. Flirt, if you aren't sure about how to do that, look up the numerous "How to Flirt" videos on this site. You could also look it up on Google. Seriously, if you are unsure about it, you have endless resources at your fingertips.

    2. Become friends with the people in his circle. That way, you will be able to get to know him, too.

    3. Be nice to everyone, let your inner beauty shine! I have noticed that guys like girls who are kind. Be kind and sweet and show everyone how truly beautiful and wonderful you are.

    4. Bring him food. The whole "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach" thing holds so much truth. Guys love this, always. I have never ever seen a guy turn his nose up at it. I would do this after you guys have talked and flirted a bit though.

    Make sure you don't just go out with any guy. Dating for the sake of having a boyfriend is the most foolish thing you can do. Have a small list of things you want in a guy you would want to date or even marry. I have only seven things on my list (one is physical, four are about personality, and two are a bit of both). Keep it short so you aren't writing an impossible list of things for a guy to measure up to. That way, you can avoid the jerks and find the guys who are catches :) Good luck!


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