Does it really matter?

if a women has big boobs compared with the butt size not a huge but for some level, do men care about having a women with a big butt ?

and also do they care about stretch marks ?

all in all, do men really care about the way a women look when she is over all nice and kind?

I want an honest answer!


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  • A girls personality can make her more attractive. This is just a fact. Yes if a girl has a nice body I am attracted. And if a girl is out of shape I may not be at first. But I don't care what the girl looks like if she is mean and stuck up I don't want her as my girldriend. If a girl I'm innitialy not attracted to is realy nice I could become more attracted as time goes on. You put the time in and you will see what I mean. Girls sometimes give up to quick. Be kind hearted and nice but keep being kindhearted and nice not just for 1 or 2 days but for as long as you have good feelings towards someone. And watch how many guys you will get. Ask the guy about his interests and show geniune interest in him and you can win him over. You can also win him over by telling him you like him. Hang out at the sports bar with him ask em what his favorite team is. Watch the game with him . Then after a week or 2 of doing his hobbies with him say I like you jack. Watch his face light up when you do this. All guys want to hear this but very few girls know we want to hear it. Remember keep at it don't give up. Find out what his hobbies are do them with him. Sports movies what he likes. That's still the friend zone so its not hard to do. Then after 2 weeks say I like you. You do this and I believe you will succead.

    • Thank you so much, ur answer is so great.

      you know beauty was never an issue for me I always had confidence, I always say its not just the way you look, I mean I've seen many people I thought not hansom but then found them sweet like candy. I only care about the soul, but when you love someone you want to be the best for them as they are for u!

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  • Yes and at the same time no! I could never be with someone I was not attracted to but that being said, attraction to me is not just that which I see with my eyes. How one carries and presents them self has just as much to do with how attractive they are as their measurements.


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