What does it means when a guy looks at you straight in the eye for a long time without...?

saying a word..he sometimes tend to ignores you and on the other hand, he look like paying his only attention towards you,says something like he offer to help you, doing crazy things to you like singing you a funny birthday song, make some sort of humor..but when you get so close to him..he tend to ignore you..does it mean he like you?until now he never make any effort to contact you back and continue disappearing..does this mean he doesn't like you or he just so shy?


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  • It' kind of hard to say, the things you've said are kind of general, but I think he does like you, but he may be shy, or uncertain about what he needs to do. I would suggest maybe responding positively to the attention he gives, and see what happens there. You may like him, but unless he shows his potential feelings in some way, to let you know or ask you out or something, there doesn't seem to be much you can do.

    • firstly, to make thing clear..i am a girl..heheh..but I don't know how this account turn out to be a guy...hurmm...really? but its still left me wondering after years...i can feel that he do love me from the way he treat me which what can I say is so different when he is with another girl..but until now he never contact me..i am the only one who add him as friend on facebook..so many thing were left unsaid..it make me suck..i really don't have any idea how this thing going to end..hmm

    • I guessed you were a girl from reading this.

      This might seem strange, but if things seem kind of stuck or the same, then maybe try changing something. If you feel he likes you, and you like him, maybe start showing you like him, in little ways, or maybe even in bigger ways, if you feel like he doesn't notice. You'd probably be happier knowing you took a chance to show how you feel, even if he doesn't, than if you stay quiet and say nothing.

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