Thinking of getting green enhancers again, thoughts?

Enhancers are not the same as colored contacts. Its a transparent colored contact that enhances tones that occur in your eyes/alter it. They are more intended for those with light colored eyes, since brown eyes would not benefit from them. I have medium hazel eyes. What do you think about it? Would you prefer someone have their natural eye color showing? or is it OK for them to alter it? I will put a pic of a close up of my eye on my profile so you can give an opinion if I should. :) thank you!
Just added the pic. I need opinions please ^^ thank you


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  • ya they look good but... don't you want the guy to think your just as sexy without them? some guys would call it false advertising so it would be mostly for u. I mean you gotta take them out everyday right? what is the guy gonna think when you take them out? eyes say a lot. like a peep hole to the personality. they're an attractor but not a keeper. know what I'm sayin?

    • The pic on my profile is my natural eye color. ha ha But I get what your saying

  • i think it would be good...i mean your gorgeous as it is...and really you don't need them but...then is in the eye of the pun intended lol so its really do you think you need them to feel like your eyes are gorgeous or is it just for cosmetics to make it fun?

    • Just for fun :) I personally like that I can make them look more brown or green with make up etc. But I'm in a green kind of mood @ the moment I guess haha. And thank you for the compliment. :)

    • yea I can see where that's fun...but I like cosmetics aswell for certain cituations like I go all out on st. patty's day and halloween

      i even have contacts for christmas...i think I just like the reactions I get and your more than welcome I was just stating the truth

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