How should I do my make-up for Prom?

My prom is this Friday and I need some ideas.

my dress : link

and I want to know what color eye shdow would go best with it I'm also wearing a blue rose in my hair if that helps (you can kinda see it in the picture). I am also wearing silver shoes.

Thanks :)
I am also mocha-caramel skinned if that helps lol


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  • gold colour eye shadow is better and draw a bit with eyeliner...suit your blue rose on your hair...then you wear ruby crystal necklace with black colour tied up your neck. quartz bracelet..then superb for for ya gown...!hahaha...wearing pinkish/peach lipstick.try to find a face foundation/compact loose powder...suit ya skin tone...and type..that all you you need..a cinderella ready for a prom.:)

    • if you have dry skin wear liquid foundation either oil based/water based you choose either maybelline/ loreal/revlon is better...then for oily-normal skin I suggest try revlon mineral make up powder..suit ya nearest skin tone..!

    • our you can choose for B.B cream..ask the beautician in the makeup store or pharmacy nearest you..

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  • I would do a classic smokey eye

    white eyeshadow

    silver eyeshadow

    and black eyeshadow!

    with black eyeliner too :D

    around the tear ducts I would put some greater emphasis with white eyeshadow to brighten your eyes :D!

    have you thought of applying false eyelashes?

  • go into youtube type "colorful prom makeup looks" and you will get a lot of videos on that. :)

  • black cat eyes would look great


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