What was he thinking?

Had a first date last night. As we were walking home I mentioned walking up to my apartment door because it was SO FREAKING COLD OUT. I said we could say good night at my door instead of standing in the cold outside. It was like 20 degrees out, I was teeth-cattering shivering cold.

We get to my door and he asks if I want him to come in I immediately say no. I was shocked he asked that after I preficed it with stating how cold it was AND it came up in conversation, so I mentioned I was a virgin and am waiting until I'm in love and in something real and committed. I don't know what he was thinking asking to come in!

After I said no he kinda just looked at me. I said it was nice meeting him and I had a good time. Still nothing from him. I reach for a hug and then we part ways. As he's almost down the hall he looks over his shoulder and says, "I'll call you or whatever." OR WHATEVER? I actually LOLed because I was like, why even try at this point!

He texted this morning saying he hoped there wasn't any misunderstanding and that he had a good time and he'll call me soon. I haven't wrote back.

Granted he said he was shy, but I don't get why he couldn't have been classy and said something to me after it got weird. He's turning 30 in two weeks and this kind of behavior is a joke to me and really immature...I'm curious to what he was thinking- it's pretty obvious to what I was thinking!


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  • You are smart for knowing you're not a hoe and you just wanted common courtesy of a man...a DATE!.

    He was stupid for thinking , JUST BECAUSE YOU ASKED HIM TO THE DOOR< doesn't mean "Hi, Wan2 fuk!"

    So, ya, there was a misunderstanding.

    He sounds like a slut and wanted to get in your pants on one day and thought you were asking.

    He should realize not every woman is an object, or target. And shows how shallow he is.

    If you want to keep dating this guy, YES! he is going o be an immature child STILL playing games and he will make your life miserable. Done waste you time.

    you can get a man who knows what he wants and will want it with you. Good Luck


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  • oh well, I feel sorry for him and you :(

    how could you know what he was thinking.

    • That's why I'm asking...I don't know what he was thinking because he didn't say anything. I was curious to others input upon reading this situation.

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  • He's a jerk. He wanted to sleep with you, and doesn't take what you say seriously.

    Let this one go.

    • can I ask why we girls assume the guy wants to sleep with us just because he wants to come inside? I do the same. assume things. I don't want to argue, I'm just asking btw.

    • I can't see any other reason for why a guy would want to come into my apartment at 1am. If they made it clear (to use the bathroom, wanted to cuddle, spend more time with me, ect, ect) then I'd be open. But unless that's said, I assume it's for sex.

      And due to past experiences their reaction to my saying no is usually a big clue as to their intention. It all comes down to COMMUNICATION. He could've not wanted to sleep with me, but I had no way of knowing that if he doesn't say so.

    • You can't just figure. He might have wanted to cuddle, chat, or saw that you were cold. Don't get mad at him, he could have wanted to have sex with you, but you don't know that for sure! If you didn't feel safe going in his house that late, you should have just said no thanks, I need to go. T.T

  • or whatever? lol wtf. extremeley unattractively immature


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