Told I'm innocent looking?

Hey guys! I get called pretty and cute a lot, but I also am told I look very innocent. So what makes a girl innocent looking? Is it a bad thing?



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  • So it's like this. An innocent looking/dumb/silly girl is easier for a guy to lead on.

    Psychologically speaking, a man's ego always increases when he is the dominant one with everyone in his control. A dumb girl is easier to posess than an intellegent independant one who can more easily outsmart or overshadow his traits.

    Basically guys love when they have a girl they can protect, take care of, and lead on to. It's natural. But acting too dumb is a turn off for many guys as well or completely disables a girlfriend for standing for herself and making her decisions in many cases since she is considered immature and incapable of making the right choices. It's bad and good. depends

    Hope this answers your question

    -Ali Mahad.

    • So, you're saying that looking innoocent means to be dumb?

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    • i see what it means now. but I get guys telling me that I look innocent but they think I am older than my age, eg they will say I'm 28 while I'm just 24. so what is your comment in that situation

    • I think it then has to do with your dressing, physical appearance, hairstyle etc and not much with your innocence. There are people who are very graceful and mature for their age. They can look both innocent and older looking. Do you party and joke around alot? If not, I think you should do it more often. Besides, Many 'innocent' girls I have heard of are usually the chaste and decent ones who don't get drunk and cuss alot. It can be anything, so I suggest you ask them why they feel so.


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  • big eyes...youthful appearance...shy... might denote innocence.

  • it means you look young


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