How to dress stylish for the office as a guy?

To stand out as stylish...and maybe even sexy!


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  • Before a girl summons this thread with styling tips that makes look like a homosexual Chrismas tree (No homophobia intended though) allow me to share some tips that make you look very good but masculine as well.

    First and foremost, your wardrobe MUST have the basics.

    1- PLAIN White and black dress shirts in full sleeves and half (depending) both in silk with a moderate shine and matt preferably cotton. Now these shirts need to be one each but of a very good quality so don't hesitate to spend some extensive ammount on them, have only the matt black one if you need to minus a little.

    Now these are a MUST. They are very appealing for women and very masculine, they work on every guy as well.

    2-Second must have is a pair black trousers. Now I am obsessed with these, I have tons of checkered pants


    Have at least one of these because you don't need to (and should not) wear a tie with them nor do they require anything apart from a decent white shirt, a good watch and plain shoes.

    3-Coloured ties. Lots of them. You can play around with this but you must match your socks as well. From thin black ties to orange and bright blue ones, they pull a great look together.

    4- Hygiene and shave. The most appealing feature of a man is his haircut and cleanliness.

    Shower and shave EVERY SINGLE DAY, clean shaved men always get the girls, a well kept stubble works on some guys too. Comb your hair, brush it (or whatever it requires) and mentain it. shampoo is a must and so is brushing your teeth crystal shiny.

    5-Fragnance. Now this is a deal maker or breaker. Girls fall HEAD OVER HEELS for guys who seduce with a musky cologne or irresistable aftershave. its a secret to success.

    Use deodrants 24/7 and always make sure you're moderately fragnant with a light pleasant scent. Don't use the cheap ones.

    6-Accessories. These are the cherry tops. Buy ONE watch, a good, expensive, classy and fashionable one. the calculator vintage watches are very in right now even and cost a buck.

    A gucci belt does wonders, cuffs or a bow tie once a week makes the ladies go 'damn id ride that' lol

    7-Shoes. I can't stress enough on how important they are. They should always be clean as they are a symbol of success and status. If you can afford, try Louis Vuitton and Prada (atleast something simmilar) because personally they look and feel awesome on your feet.

    Lastly, always wear something comfortable, something which makes you feel good.

    Don't force yourself into fashions which are not meant for you. You have many amazing sites such as askmen where you can judge what is in, what you should do and what not. Ultimately do what feels right.

    And yes MOST important. Less is more, DO NOT over dress. Guys look best in decent clothes that don't have cheesy patterns and prints on them.

    I really hope this was helpful, Good luck.


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  • I love navy blue dress shirts on guys-- so hot! Also clothes that fit well and aren't too big or baggy. And hair that's not too short or too long, without a ton of gel in it.

  • Fitted shirts and pants,maybe cufflinks.

  • wear a tie

  • link any of these are sexy:))

  • it depends on what you're working with. what's your body type?

    • tall and slim...

    • i agree with what alima said. yeah I go crazy for a good smelling guy. just don't go overboard! less is more. especially at work. the main thing that I would like to say is that a guy's style is just as important as a girl's style. for me, my style represents who I am. it's my own. you have your own style too. always be true to that, because it's sexy. so I can't tell you what to wear, cause I don't know your style. you are sexy just being you. own that. hope I'm making sense.

  • Only suspender and spongbob squarepants enough for you?

  • dress pants and a dress shirt, button down

    • can dress pants be sexy on a guy?

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