Which girl would you choose & why you would choose her?

Both girls are very nice, but kind of quiet at first, but once you get to know them, they're a lot of fun!

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all I'm gonna say lol

  • Brunette (no dye) (natural beachy waves), sharp (deep) blue-green eyes, naturally pale, no body/face piercings/tats, pretty face, doesn't wear a lot of makeup, & larger chest, smaller butt, 16
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  • Blonde (w/ brown/blonde highlights) (naturally straight), lighter blue-green, fake tans a lot, 3 in. tat on foot, nose pierced, pretty face, wears quite a bit of makeup (especially around eyes), & smaller chest, larger butt, 18
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Most Helpful Guy

  • The brunette seems much more natural, that's why I chose her.

    • Yeah, but you're only 19

      which is ok to date a 16 year-old--just barely stretching it, but still not too bad

      However, I am 22 so it's NOT ok for me to go for 16 year-olds

      and why would I anyway?

      I agree with you that she seems more natural, but she's too young for me

      that's why I chose #2

      but otherwise I *would* take the brunette if she was just a little older

    • Yeah I didn't put much thought into the age thing, I just ignored it and pretended they were the same age haha.

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What Guys Said 4

  • Being 20 years old, I have to hesitate when I answer but setting the age factor aside, I say A becuase she seems like a much more confident girl, doesn't feel the need to change the way she looks.

    That, and I have a thing for wavy hair LOL.

  • I chose the second girl because she's 18 as opposed to 16

    [I'm 22]


    I like the description of the first girl better

    I like girls that don't wear too much makeup (except for theatrical stage purpose-- I understand that) and who don't have tattoos and who don't dye their hair.

    That first girl sounds really hot but too young

  • I want big butt without tattoos :(

    Hmm well symmetric tattoos are ok. If they are one color, black. Most horrible is some green and red rose bush, just horrible.

  • I ignored the age A sounds much more attractive I just hope the pale isn't ghostly.

    • Seems like I'm the oldest guy that to answer the question: 16 and 19 isn't the worst; 16 and 20 is probably the edge, but 16 and 22 (me) is just BAD, so I could not vote for A even though otherwise her description seems like somebody I'd like better

      For you it's just borderline ok to choose a 16 year-old

      but I'm way beyond that

    • Would it be weird if the 16 year old dated an 18 year old?

    • No

      it's perfectly ok for 18 year-old to date 16

      but it's not ok for a 22 year-old to date a 16 year-old

      As long as they could have been in high school at the same time , it's ok (16 and 18 is a senior and a sophomore--so no problem)

What Girls Said 1

  • YAY more guys like A, sounds like so much og a nicer girl. And that's what I sorta look like, except for the eyes.

    • I like A better even though I voted for B by default because she's 18 vs 16

      It's not a big deal to moist of you, but I'm 22 so it is a big deal (6 years down?? No thanks!)

    • Ya, I don't kno y she put ages. but without the ages I guess most guys perfer the brunette even more

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