Forgot what I looked like??

alright so your talking to a dude or a girl online for over a month. You invite them out a few times, but the question just gets averted to another topic. Ask for phone number and get email instead. I send an email and say my number to her. She texts and I text back. then she wants to IM? instead of texting or gee maybe an actual phone conversation! I didn't have yahoo I'm she says oh well I have aim also. I say sorry don't have it either. I call the next day to try an initiate a phone conversation. Voice mail.. I get an email later instead asking for some more pictures of me she forgot what I looked like. I'm thinking.. wtf? and text her and say are you serious you forgot what I looked like? We had been chatting for a month and I have like 10 pics up. she responded I was just asking.. gee sensitive much? wtf! Couldn't this girl tell I just wanted to talk on the phone and meet up for some fun? Everything got pushed away. Wouldn't someone saying they forgot what you looked like make you feel like crap? I mean seriously to call me sensitive to a statement like that. That was a slap in my face. F! online dating.


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  • She forgot... right. I don't believe her.

    Maybe she's like seeing more than one guy (online it's even more common I guess)? And she forgot what you looked like so she wanted to see your pic again to see if she liked you or not? Who does that?

    From what I read I think she wanted to get to know you, but why did she refuse to do it in person or at least by phone? It's so much fun to talk to someone by phone why wouldn't she want to do it?. Maybe she just likes the attention, don't waste your time on her.

    Sorry, if it sounds harsh.

    • nope doesn't sound harsh sounds about right on! its weird after she texted I was sensitive I wrote back and said would you be like huh? if I asked for more pics and was like I forgot what you looked like after chatting for amonth. she replied two hrs later with no because we both have lives and can't always keep track of people especially those we haven't met. she sends me a pic and says "see that wasn't hard" I'm like what a weirdo! I already remebered what you looked like..ya know?

    • She shouldn't have called you sensitive for feeling bad after she told you that she didn't remember what you looked like. That would make anyone feel bad, if she told you she wouldn't have minded she's lying. Not to mention it sounded so superficial that she wanted to see your picture like that, as if saying '' I want to know if you're a hot guy'', I mean it's important to see pictures but not to say you've forgotten what they looked like in the first place!


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  • Sounds like she's just having fun talking with random people on the internet. She doesn't seem to have any really intentions of meeting you or actually finding a relationship. Like Elizabeth20 said, she's probably talking to a couple guys, and she's forgotten which one you are. It sucks and I'm sorry. Kick her to the curb. But hey, not all online dating is horrible.


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  • Forget about her and move on. Online dating can be good, but definitely not with her. You're right - that was a huge slap in your face and really uncalled for.


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