Jeans to skirt to sweats and back again?

How is a girl who wears casual one day, dresses up the next, and then [once is a blue moon] dresses down viewed by guys?

Or do they not even notice? Haha.


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  • girls should not be wearing sweats in public. that's a no no in my book. you wear sweats in public and I don't want to be seen with you. as far as jeans and dressing up from day to day. its fine. we know its cold and that sometimes you just want a day where you don't want to really do much with yourself, just know that people will be judging you based on your appearance. that's a fair warning

  • Well, when the clothes are tight I take notice, and when they aren't I don't (except of course when it's my special girl in the clothes, in which case she looks good in everything: it's not biased, it's just fact). Call me a pig if you want, it's just like when girls check out guys not wearing shirts: it's just what you see and idle on.


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