Hot bold cute sexy ideas to greet him?

theres this guy I see tomorrow! I want to greet him at school in a way that will et him know I like him! any ideas thatll totally knock him off his feet?


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  • If you're going for the bang, you'll have to do the following:

    1) Dress very sexy, show off at least one key asset: boobs, legs, or butt.

    2) Remember, even though you are eager to impress, you'll have to play it cool, or he might misread and think you're desperate.

    3.a) If you know him really well: hug him and kiss on the cheek

    3.b) If you know him a little (a few conversations): compliment his looks, make it casual, slip it in there

    3.c) If you don't know him at all (just think he's hot): best to let your body language/conversation do the talking

    4) Have a good conversation. Make jokes. Laugh at his. Keep it light.

    5.a) If you're a really confident girl, end the conversation with "so when are you taking me out" then after you agree on a day give him your number

    5.b) If you're an average confident girl, end the conversation with "hey you want to go to a movie later this week?" then after you agree on a movie give him your number

    5.c) If you're a no confidence girl... don't think about anything just say "talk to you soon" and take a minute to write down your number, and give it to him as you get up to leave. It's cool to do this in front of him.

    6) Ball is in his court. Wait for the call.


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  • Just say "Hey" while smiling, then give him a kiss in each cheek...

    He will be thinking if you are into him, and will be thinking about you 'till he sees you again :)

  • ask him how his day was with a BIG smile


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