I look ugly without makeup?

I always go out with filled in eyebrows and concealer under my eyes and eyelash extensions because I look dead without it. People think i'm pretty even though I just put the same amount of makeup that other girls put but somehow there's a big contrast between my makeup and non-makeup face, unlike other girls who are still somewhat pretty without makeup.

My face without makeup: thin, dark eyebrows, dark circles under eyes and dead-looking eyes (my eyes are only pretty weyelash extensions or mascara ). I'm African with dark chocolate skin tone so you can't really see the dark circles, but I notice them.

I don't want to be 'fake' and wish I was one of those naturally pretty girls. People don't see me as I really am but it's just really annoying that the only makeup I use is for like general corrections (concealer, etc) + mascara for brightening the eyes that everyone uses but on me there's a big difference when I don't use it.

And that is why I'm scared to get into a relationship, I know it sounds really dump and stupid...
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And I have a wider and bigger nose for my face, which just looks wrong to me. I'm planning on getting plastic surgery
I look ugly without makeup?
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