Boyfriend never texts me?

My boyfriend tells me he loves me and all but thts when we are hangin out or after fighting.. But he never text or fb message me. But he does to other girls and he never ask me to hang out. I have to ask before he does. So I wanna know why he is like that


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  • Yeah, sorry to say but that is a bit strange. I mean I live with my partner, so see him all the time, but I will still message him now and then, even just to say I love him..etc.

    It could be that he does love you and all, but takes the relationship with you for granted. However, if I were in your shoes I'd wonder why he doesn't make any effort at all, apart from when you fight. That does sound very one sided, and really he is the only one who can tell you why he behaves like that.

    You need to sit him down and say "oi! why don't you ever take me out or message me? why am I doing all the leg work?"

    A relationship takes two people...(it can sometimes include three) but generally speaking its two and those TWO in it need to work together to make it work, you are doing all the working..and I wouldn't stand for it, so don't you... think about it.., you don't like it now, you won't in 10yrs either...

    • thanks a lot, I am going to stop doing all the work and see if he still doesn't do anything.. if he doesn't then I'll have to ask him..

      thanks agian :)

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