What do you look for in a guy?

Girls what do you first look for in a guy? Like smarts,nice teeth,muscles,good hair ect. Things like that. BE HONESTS!


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  • Girls want guys who are:

    -- trustworthy enough to handle a few cheerful/tearful stories, to know and understand us (even when we're surfing the crimson wave), to want to be with us whether we're in calm or turbulent waters.

    -- trusting enough not to tailgate at parties, shadow us on FB, etc. (While I know some guys get crazy with jealousy, it's really not flattering for the girl AND it's not healthy for the guy!)

    -- honest/direct, even if the news is rough. Seriously.

    -- assertive/confident enough about who they are and what their goals are that they will be able to speak easily about a variety of topics, ask us out, etc.

    -- sexy enough to make us think of you while were sitting around whiling away the hours till quitting time, to make us feel like superstars (so we're inspired to reciprocate).

    -- faithful... oh, faithful. (There's a real shortage there -- yes, the same goes for girls.)

    Girls want guys who have:

    -- a sense of humor and positive attitude. (Of course, not every day is sunshine and rainbows and you should be comfortable sharing that with your girl, but if you're always Eeyore with the rain cloud hovering overhead, no one will want to be with you for too long.)

    -- good manners. (1) We want to be treated like ladies. (2) We want to be around gentlemen.

    -- a consistent attitude about things (mental stability).

    -- a steady job with a five-year professional plan. (No, we don't want you to get distracted from your plan by helping us with our plan. There's a wonderful feeling that comes from earning your own way.)

    -- the ability (or consistency) to follow through with things (whether it's a date, a promise to fix something, a visit to your mom, etc.).

    -- the ability to look at us with eyes that make our hearts melt. ;-)

    Well, I think the list is long enough for now. The rest is a little too rich for you young-uns to handle, lol.


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  • We have to compliment each others' personality well- I hate dating myself in male form. In general I am attracted to men that are confident but not conceited. Of couse I need to be physically attracted to them, but I am not super focused on looks.

  • I have to be physically attracted and that's always subjective. Other than that, TRUST is a big deal with me.

    I have to trust him period.

    I have to trust that if we're in a relationship, he's not creeping somewhere else and I have to trust that even though he can be distant sometimes, his intentions are not to hurt me, confuse me, or keep me on my toes.

    I know a lot of people play it cool and its all good but after a while if its too much and I feel that he's not being very genuine then I'd drop contacts with him and keep myself busy ;P

  • Okay. This may sound shallow, but I will not even consider going for a guy that I'm not sexually attracted to. So, yes. I do want somebody that has a nice body, good teeth and skin, etc. However, that's not the ONLY important thing. That gets you to the first date. Beyond that, I look for somebody who is kind, understanding, HONEST (that's a biggie), smart, able to make me laugh, able to laugh at himself, and a good conversationalist (which includes being a good listener). I suppose just an all-around good personality is what is really important to me. Oh! And no smokers.

  • That mysterious thinggg that keeps me guessing about what will come next 8)...

    Also I like a guy who takes his time to figure me out rather than just treats me like an option.

  • to be honest, their number of girls they been with, personality, the way they take care of their looks. I want someone who has similar, low numbers. I don't want a man slut.

  • 1. Can I get along with him?

    2. Trust

    3. Open minded and has a brain

    4. Funny

    5. Respectful

    6. Height (I am short so I like guys on the shorter side)

    7. Pretty eyes and smile is added bonus not required.

  • 1. A job

    2. some education

    3. Height

    4. am I attracted to him

    5. Does he act mature?

    That's about it

    • any job will do?

    • well I guess, I don't really judge people on their jobs. But I don't want to be with a super lazy guy who never had a job in his life or anything...

    • cool :)

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