Why do girls care about other girls' hair?

its so anoooyyyyiinnngggg... I have crappy thin hair that's always flat and even when I give it volume it still looks like wispy crap. its honestly the worst hair ever and it makes me cry I hate it=[ anyways I wear it up everyday because its embarrassing and ugly down but the girls in my classes keep saying why do you wear it up? wear it down! and try to take it out and it makes me so self conscious and anxious. it sounds silly but it really makes me upset. why won't they just get over the fact I wear my hair up and leave me alone? they make me feel so bad that I can't wear it down and that there's something wrong with wearing it up=[[[[[[


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  • I have short hair that is really short in the back and choppy all around and it annoys me when my friend tells me to straighten it. I happen to like the shaggy look and enjoy my sleep. I don't want to have to get up ten minutes earlier to freaking straighten it seeing as my hair is naturally straight and doesn't need to be straighter in my view.

    Just don't listen to them and continue to wear your hair how you like.


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  • I have thin hair too. :/

    I see that kind of thing happening a lot, actually. Sometimes it's trying to get another girl to wear her hair down, other times it's trying to get them to wear makeup or something. I think it's because they think of it as a makeover of sorts, like, oh, she'll look so much better if she takes her hair down, etc. I don't think it's done in a mean, way, generally, they're usually just trying to "improve" you. So misguided, maybe, but I don't think it's malicious.

    • yaaa probably but then I wish they'd just shut up ha ha because it makes me feel bad they don't think I look good the way it is...and I wanna wear it down so bad just wake up bush out my long thick hair and go but nope I have to wake up early to shower my greasy thin hair and then put it in a boring ponytail everyday=///

    • Hmm, maybe you could put hair extensions in near the roots to make it thicker? It's pretty pricey, but if it bothers you that much, I hear it works pretty well. :)

  • I'm like you, but my hair is the opposite. Mine is thick and frizzy, and I often have to wear it up because otherwise it's an afro. I hate wearing my hair up, though. It looks much better down.

    If you want to wear it up, tell the other girls to shut it. If you want to wear it down, search for products and hairstyles that will volumize thin hair.

    • well be greatful! id rather have more hair then less! ill prob have even worse hair when I'm older because womans hair naturally thins...no looking forward to that... ha ha but thanks I'm thinking of just getting an extension volume piece because no matter how much volume I give my hair its like so fine you see through it a lot

    • My thinned haired friend got extensions, and they look really good. I suggest getting ones made with real hair if you want it to look natural.

    • k thankss I'm just terrified of the clips or something showing through or falling out=/ ill have to look into it...poop I wish I just had the hair I want lol

  • Well.. Girls can be annoying. I mean, wear it how YOU feel like wearing it. My friend has thin hair like you and she just styles her hair that makes her look beautiful.. Either way I'd bet you'd look really pretty :) Wearing it down might be the best choice, since there's not much to do with it.

  • I have thin hair to that is really curly and frizzy. I hate it because it makes my face look more cubby. So, I relax it so it makes my face slim but I can't do up styles because I don't have that much to work w/. So I keep it down all the time to make my face look slim.

    • yaa its frustrating with thin hair because there's not much to do. my hairs more fine then thin though. so the strands are thin and id say I don't have a lot of hair but a decent amount to make a decent looking bun or ponytail. its to my shoulders so I have some hair to work with luckily but the front area is kinda thin so that's annoying to ughhhh

    • My hair goes to my shoulders but it doesn't look right in a bun because the bun is so small. I have even thought of getting extentions to fix this problem.

  • Other girls will always be annoying, get over it. Now just layer your hair and tease it, layers always help with volume and use hair spray to keep it up, just be thankful you don't have like a f***ing afro K

  • because some girls are annoyingly shallow. that is why, it is hard for people to hang out with them.


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