Which Tux Looks Best?

Going to my friends prom up north and I have 2 options that look good for a tux and I'm not sure which one to go with.

Obviously these aren't pictures taken on me they were in the tux shop. Anything that is colored (ie: blue, orange, red, etc..) will be the color of her dress which will either be blue or red, not sure which shade tho.
  • https://screensnapr.com/v/ZkjQec.png (WHITE)
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  • https://screensnapr.com/v/XLFeDf.png (BLACK)
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Alright, thanks everybody for your opinion. I went ahead and got the Black one. I sent her the pictures and she said black looks better.


Most Helpful Girl

  • The black detail on the white suit looks ridiculous. Unless you want to stand out black is always the safest bet. If the person you are going to prom with is super into the matching thing you can ask her for a swatch of the fabric of her dress (yes- many places do sell swatches or they will come with the dress especially if you get it from a prom dress store) and then you can find somebody to match it in a place that sells ties. (Don't match a pattern on her dress- just a solid color) If you just try to get a close match then it will clash- needs to be practically exact.

    If you still aren't sure then ask her! Even if you think you're sure ask her anyway! Most girls can ramble about this for hours.

    • The problem with the swatch, is that we live about 200 miles apart, And I am not 100% sure how she feels about the matching thing, that's just sort of tradition which is why I will be trying to match her. She doesn't even like wearing dresses so, gets complicated :p

    • well she can send the swatch to you if she wants to. Let her take the reigns unless she wants to give them to you. If she gives the reigns to you then do as traditional as possible- black suit and a solid nave or extremely subtly patterned navy like really thin stripes of a slightly off shade navy. Simple and chic is the best way to go.

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What Girls Said 2

  • I think they both look awesome~

    The black one looks classier, but with the white one you'll definitely stand out xD lol

    I would probably go with black.

  • Black looks amazing


What Guys Said 2

  • As much as I dislike the vest on the black, I think it's still the better choice. Would it be possible to get the black tux with a white vest which doesn't have that awful pattern? Might not work with that tie but It would be worth giving a look.

    • The vest will be different for sure, that's just what they had on the mannequin.

  • Black is better.


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