5 facts about your body/appearance?


1 - I'm 6ft 3" tall

2 - I have blond hair

3 - I have blue eyes

4 - I have "abnormally large and healthy" teeth (to quote my dentist)

5 - I can comfortably deadlift 220lbs



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  • 1) I'm 5'6".

    2) I have constantly changing hair, but right now it's my natural brown.

    3) My eyes are green.

    4) I'm chubby [always have been], but I weigh more than I look because I was very athletic when I was younger and built up a lot of dense muscle.

    5) I have freckles all over my nose and cheeks.


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  • 1. I have dark brown/ auburn hair

    2. I'm typical black irish, dark hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. Ihave very turquiose eyes, green/blue

    3. I am a shorty at 5'3 and a half.

    4. I am a 34B and a larger butt ( just toned and round I guess.)

    5. I have very small features. I have a small nose, hands, feet, etc.

    Ya, and you sound attractive(:

  • 1- I'm about 5''9 :)

    2- Dark brown hair which my mates say is sometimes black which I don't want it to be >.:) it hurts if I bite my lip :P

    5- My slaps aren't neccesarilly hard but they make a very loud noise as I learnt in drama class when I was fake fighting my mate :D It echoed across the room and everyone cringed at the sound XP then my teacher stopped the play fight- worried that I actually slapped my mate and she was now unconciouss :D

  • uh

    1- 5' 6" tall

    2- I've got a tiny waist and round, fun-to-touch bum (as said by my ex)

    3- blond long hair

    4- My eyes are mostly hazelnut, but they're green when it's raining.

    5- My boobs are small (34B - they fill a guy's hand but not more than that) and I love them <3

    There ya go! :D

  • 1. I'm 5'5" and weight 130 pounds, some people don't believe it...apparently I look like 115? all muscle (;

    2. I have brown curly hair

    3. this is more of an opinion than a fact, but my eyes have been called seductive.

    4. my waist to hip ratio is 0.72 (look it up if that means nothing to you)

    5. my toes and fingers are all abnormally long, but not like deformed lol.

    • I'll not bother looking it up, I can assume by that you mean you have a smaller waist than hips. Which most of the time, is a good thing.

  • 1. I'm 5'5"

    2. My hair is naturally a light brown, but I've dyed it tons of different colors

    3. I have green eyes

    4. Despite being average height, my legs are really long

    5. I belong to the itty bitty titty committee

  • 1 - I'm 5"10

    2 - I have dark brown eyes

    3 - I have size 36F boobs

    4 - I've got a good hourglass figure, nice and curvy

    5 - my nose sticks up slightly at the end, I don't like it! xx

  • 1- I'm 165 cm, normal

    2- I'm a brunette, use beer in summer to lighten my hair color.

    3- D cup size, Naturally

    4- I've a small upper lip

    5- I've never met someone who has smaller hands and ears than I have

  • I'm...


    So- dark- they're- almost- black eyes.

    athletic build (thank you, dance)

    i think my nose is long, but button-like lol

    i do have a killer ass.

  • 1) I am 5' 2.5"

    2) I have shiny deep dark brown hair

    3) I have brown eyes and my pupil is abnormally large

    4) I have OK teeth. I would like braces soon.

    5) I am sore from running in a 8k charity event today but I like to be healthy.

  • 1. I'm rather pale

    2. I have brown hair that's really fine and straight, which has its positives and (mainly) negatives

    3. My collarbones and wristbones are abnormally prominent :P

    4. I have a small scar in my left eyebrow, haha

    5. I get freckles only in the summer (instead of tanning)

  • 1. I have "strawberry" colored hair (aka auburn) according to my friends.

    2. I'm 5'3

    3. I have large hips and butt from my 1/2 peruvian mamma.

    4. I have an obnormally small waist (it grows an inch or two at Christmas XD)

    5. You can play connect the dots with all the frekcles on my face.

  • 1) I'm 5ft. 8in. tall. :)

    2) long legs

    3) My eyes are green, but they change chides depending on what I'm wearing. o.O

    4) Reddish-brown, wavy hair

    5) My feet are huge. =/ lol.

  • 5"6

    Dark brown, nearly black hair

    Light brown eyes

    I own and fit into jeans ranging from size 3 to 11

    I apparently taste like stawberry:)

  • 1. I am 5'7

    2. Brown Hair

    3. Brown Eyes

    4. My body is weird - I am not fit but I have lost weight, I am thin in some areas and thick in others e.i I don't have a flat stomach but you can see my ribs pop out.

    5. I can pull off so many ethnicities, no one can ever guess my true ones.

  • 1. I'm 5'4"

    2. dark auburn hair

    3. green eyes

    4. I have a kickin' hourglass figure.

    5. I'm infertile.

    • That's terrible :/

      Were you born that way or has something like an illness caused it?

    • I have PCOS. My ovaries have cysts and it messes up my cycle and hormones. I'm probably not completely infertile, but it's highly unlikely that I could get pregnant. Plus, I have to be on birth control just so I can have my period and prevent uterine cancer o_o It's all good though, I suppose motherhood simply isn't in the cards for me.

  • 1) I have three tattoo's with more in mind and seven piercings though I usually only wear 4/5/6 of them in.

    2) My hair is naturally seven different tones/colours.

    3) My eyes change colours.

    4) I have several scars from different surgeries, fights, stitches, weapons, accidents etc.

    5) I have a great body. Thanks mamma.

  • 1-im 5'4

    2-brown hair

    3-brown eyes

    4- 4 years of braces leads to good teeth ;)

    5- I can not comfortably deadlift 220lbs :\

  • 1)I am a 5 foot 3 inch giant

    2)I am a brunette with brown eyes

    3)I have a really small nose. I'm biracial, so my nose is neither wide nor long & my mom says it doesn't exist hardy harr harr

    4)I have a perfectly circular dark green Mongolian spot on my upper right shoulder.It looks like a tattoo

    5)I have big boobs, a not so big butt but I have wider hips

  • 1. I'm 5'7"

    2. I have auburn hair and super light skin, but really dark eyes

    3. everywhere on my body has freckles except the soles of my feet and palms of my hands

    4. I have pretty small boobs, a small waist, and a big butt

    5. I'm really flexible

    why don't you have your icon on here as a pic of yourself? it sounds like you look pretty good. :)

  • 1 - I'm 5ft 10" tall (my inseam size for jeans is "34)

    2 - I have thick, wavy, naturally light flaxen blond hair to my waist

    3 - I have blue eyes

    4 - I have fair skin

    5 - I have an hourglass figure, slim but not without curves.

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  • 1 - I'm 5'11"

    2 - I have pale skin

    3 - I have scarring all over my back and shoulders from severe sunburn. As a result I can never go in the sun without a shirt on because I can't re-expose the same area. Doctor's orders.

    4 - I have a small scar to the left of my mouth from when I was attacked by a cocker spaniel when I was 9 years old.

    5 - I have brown hair

  • 1. 6' tall, light brown hair, blue eyes.

    2. I wear a lot of pullovers.

    3. My hair is always short. When it gets long enough to comb I cut it back down to 1/4''.

    4. I'm very pale.

    5. I'm quite limber, with an excellent sense of balance.

    • Balance is what I lack, I'm strengthening my core currently which should lead to better balance.

    • It's easy enough to achieve, just takes practice. Start with picking up tiny things from off the ground without bending your knees or squatting down, then palm the ground, and work from there. Balance just takes perseverance, but it isn't too difficult either. It'll serve you well if you're ever get drunk, standing opposite a friend while balancing on one leg, trying to knock them on their ass before they knock you on yours. xD

  • i'm about 2 foot tall, give or take a couple of inches

    i have no hair

    i have red eyes usually

    i have good teeth

    i'm a sexy towel

  • 1- I'm 5 ft 10" tall

    2- Dark Brown Eyes

    3- Straight hair (Rare in black men. It is a common trait in my family.)

    4- I have a baby face

    5- I still have one baby tooth. It's never going to fall out.

  • 1-i'm 5'5 (shut up I know XD)

    2-Black hair (duh!)

    3-Brown dreamy eyes (hello ladies ;))

    4-I lost I 35lb (yeah yeah I was a fat ass)

    5-my push-ups record are:

    72 regular

    20 one armed<---ohhhh yeahhhh ;p

    6-I'm Awesome ;)

    • One arm pushups, impressive. I despise weighing over 80kg, I'm close but yet so far from doing one.

      In addition, your last entry was null and void, which therefore makes it untrue. Sorry :)

    • u know what man...im too awesome to dignify that with a response ;)

  • im 6'1

    160 lbs.


    got 5 piercings and tattoos

    max bench 315 lbs. (got lazy so now I'm back to abt 290 ona good day)

  • 1)5'10

    2)light ash blond

    3) weird eye color with a brown ring outside, blue ring in the middle, with a hint of green around the iris

    4)naturally heavy build(220 lb, size 52 coat, almost all muscle), with some light training.

    5)big ass feet(13) for someone my height.

  • 1- I'm 5'10" the last time I checked

    2- I have black hair

    3- I have green eyes

    4- I naturally grow facial hair in what I call "The Diablo"... link Except on my chin it grows just a little more past my mouth than his does

    5- If I *were* to go to the gym, I'd be a stocky dude. But right now, I only have my broad shoulders and shoulder blade/under-arm area muscle :(

  • 1. I'm 5'9

    2. I'm about 185 pounds

    3. I have blue-green eyes, which is the only feature of mine that ever gets complimented (or used to)

    4. I have a mean looking scar on my right wrist from surgery, so my friends sometimes make emo jokes about me.

    5. I have an okay upper body (decently built, not very cut), but my thighs and calves are quite strong and good looking.

  • 1. 5ft 6"

    2. Brown eyes

    3. Black hair

    4. I wear glasses

    5. Physical therapist said I was one of the least flexible people she ever met

    • pandas are flexible?

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    • We sound like body doubles Dom.

  • 1) I'm 5-11 1/2 2) I'm bald 3) muscular 4) can bench press around 450 lbs 5) I sweat a TON

  • 1: 6'1"

    2:Brown Hair that turns blond in the summer from being outside so much

    3. Blue eyes

    4: My body weight fluctuates by 3-5 lbs per day due to water loss then replenishing

    5. I've gained 15 lbs in the last 5 months

  • 130 pounds


    lots of hair

    brown eyes

    lots of stamina for sex haha

  • about 5"9 230 pds

    built like a football player

    i don't work out,

    but I could still knock you out

    surprisingly fast, and light on my feet

    very agile

  • Mine:

    1- I'm 5'11.

    2 - I have blond hair.

    3 - I have bluey, greeny eyes with yellow around the middle.

    4 - I very rarely gain weight, no matter what.

    5 - I don't think I can deadlift that now, but one day I'll be the world champ and you'll be cryingggg, lol. Nahh OK how about... I can tricep raise 15kg quite easily. I guess that's ok...

  • 1. 5'7

    2. never been overweight in my life

    3. dark eyes, dark hair

    4. I have a slight natural tan and tan really easily

    5. played soccer ever since I can remember so I have really good legs

  • 1-I'am 5'9 tall

    2-i have dark brown hair

    3-i have dark brown gorgeous eyes

    4-i have very very white teeth

    5-i am in a very attractive V-Shape


  • 1) Ima 5 foot 10

    2) I have brown eyes and hair

    3) Nice teeth

    4) I have skills with the soccer ball

    5) Ima player

  • 6-2

    Long blond hair

    Bench- 295



  • 5ft 9"

    Black hair

    Brown eyes

    Shoes size 10UK 11US

    Can Benchpress 100lbs

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