Why did you change the Xper calculation? And how does this affect me?

Getting a question or answer removed is -3

but what if a question that you answered is removed? Do you lose the points then? That is no fault of your own.

I also see that you no longer get Xper for thumbs-downs; before you gained +1 Xper point thumbs-up or down, which I commented on for an answer of mine that received 2-3 thumbs-downs (and also a thumbs-up as well!)

Also, what about questions, answers, and ratings that were made before the changes? Are they grandfathered into the old rules?

How about poll questions that you can't see the results unless you vote? For example, a poll aimed at girls to see what they think about a guy, what he's doing, etc. is for the girls to answer, but the results are something the guys would benefit from seeing.

This has happened a few times, where I just clicked anything just to see the results and then submit an answer explaining what I did. I have gotten a couple of these answers removed, but the mod explained that they understood why I answered!

I also had a shorter answer (just yes/no), but that got removed! I did answer the question and did not violate the TOS!

I don't think those answers deserve to lose Xper for! Maybe you could take the points off only in cases of spam, under 16, and other TOS violations.

I seem to disagree with the changes. What do you guys think?

I'd also like to hear from the mods and admins

but everyone, thanks for your answers so far!
Thanks everyone for your answers

I chose BA


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  • One of the questions I answered was removed, but I have no reason why. The question was asking people's opinions on Doctor Who. The closest you could get to not following the rules would be:

    "Posted or shared any Content that violates the copyright, trademarks or other rights of any third party"

    Though I don't see why. If one of the answers was bad then they could remove just the answer. But the question in general didn't appear to be anything problematic.

    • Sorry, dogg

      who's Doctor Who?

    • It's a British Sci Fi show about an alien that saves the planet. Best description I can think of. Hope this doesn't get removed.

    • I chose you as Best Answer

      Somebody else experienced it

      so, enjoy another Xper point

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  • why do you care so much about all the scoring. just get your advice and whatever its nbd

    • Since this site puts so much emphasis on gathering these xper points, then this is a legitimate question. Here's some advice for you; if you're going to flame someone do it in the open and not so anonymously.

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  • The other thing I have asked the site administrators about but never got an answer is what is up with the "annoy" notation next to the # of questions and answers given. For example on my profile it says "112 answered: 2 annoy". I was curious which answers and who they annoy. and how does this impact me? I mean there are plenty of answers I have gotten that annoy the crap out of me but the thing is that they were just giving their honest opinion and not trying to be mean so the person giving the answer shouldn't be penalized because I don't want to hear their opinion simply because it runs counter to my own.

    • LOL....that's 2 anonymous answers guy.

    • OK now that you said something and I looked at it more closely it does say anony not annoy. Oh well guess I need to go get my eyes checked or some shyt. Oh well once again proved the saying that my freshman roommate coined: "If you can't laugh at yourself then you aren't paying close enough attention to what you are doing either that or you must have a stick in your a$$. If that's the case then lighten the F*#@% up!"

  • I've had some banter with the site administrators about the removal of some questions. One asker posted a question about types of questions to ask her bf, and it was removed. A similar question was posted a month earlier than this posting and is still there. The answer I received from the mod/admin was that the question violated the TOS but couldn't tell me what the violation was.

    From my view, it was a clear case of subjective censorship. A question either violates the TOS or it doesn't; it can't be ok for one person to ask and not another.

    I would have to go back through my answers section, but there were other examples of questions being removed for violations and it just left me wondering who the hell is making these decisions. There appears to be no consistency in the application of the terms of use.

    • On 10/08/2008 an anonymous user asked "Is natural male enhancement for teenagers safe?" This question was removed too for violating the TOS. Once again, WTF? This is a legit question and one that, I believe, deserves a response that would be informative to all male teenagers thinking about taking something like that.

      Someone in the moderating department is out to lunch.