The "No Shampoo" Lifestyle?

Does anyone know about this no shampoo lifestyle and what are alternatives to getting your hair clean?

i heard about the baking soda and apple cider vingar rinse but I was wondering what else I can use besides that

I have straight hair, that I colored to return to my brunette hair, I also have flakes and I read that someone tried the no poo method and there flakes were gone...

any good news on this and what are the alternatives


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  • Stop using anything with sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate in it. These are harsh chemicals that dry out your scalp, cause flakes, and make it more greasy.

    My fav is to use baking soda diluted with water if my hair is greasy or flaky, and on other days I use a gentle natural shampoo from like the health food store. If my hair is doing fine, then I can just use a tiny bit of the shampoo for a nice smell.

    The baking soda gets rid of flakes. you can do a few washes with it in one shower if the flakes are acting up. The other thing you can do is rub a bit of castor oil into your roots and scalp the night before you wanna wash your hair and sleep in a plastic cap. Then wash your hair with the baking soda in the morning, of you can even mix the baking soda into some of the gentle shampoo.

    The castor oil actually grabs onto excess oils and pulls them off your scalp without drying it out, so it combats dryness at the same time.

    If your hair feels dry, the apple cider vinegar can def work. Just dilute it with water and maybe add a drop of lavender or another essential oil to help the smell. If your hair is not dry, though, this can make it seem greasy, so you can experiment with just putting it on the ends. You put it on like a conditioner and rinse it out, then dry your hair like normal.

    The one thing about baking soda is that it can mildly lighten your hair, but I notice when I stop using it for a while, my hair gets kinda darker again, so maybe it's just removing residue.

    Good luck! I would never go back to regularly using normal shampoos again! My hair and scalp are much happier with these gentler alternatives.


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  • i use natural herbal shampoos so they have less harsh chemicals. I use lemon a lot


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