How to massively screw up British style! :D have you ever been overheard and found out?

A series of chauvinistic emails between two pals have become a web sensation after the girl they were discussing was sent by mistake

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The conversation began when Marsh bumped into Jenni at a pub in Hurlington last Wednesday. He asked Fildes if he "could have a go" at Jenni. His friend repled: "To be honest she is ******* ****, I don't dislike many people but she is one.
Marsh said she sounded like "just the sort of thing I am looking for in the summer months. My defenses are up and I am up for the challenge..."

It was at this point, when Fildes replied with Jenni's email address, that he copied her in by accident.


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  • Can't beat the Claire Swires emails... Yum indeed.


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