Does he hate me now or should I try again?

i met this guy ages ago, but we never really talked in class until last semester. he was very sweet to me, complimented me and bought me snacks and stuff during our break (we had a long night class together). after classes ended, he asked for my number and we hung out over break. I texted him, he texted me. it was pretty fair. he always invited me to these shows and things, I couldn't go them because I had a lot of school work and I'm too nerdy to put stuff off. I would tell him that, I wouldn't blow him off. I would even text later and ask how it was and if he had a good time, etc.

at any rate, there was one show in particular that I wasn't going to attend, but I called him and said I wanted to stop by just to see him. we hung out, he met my girls and we had a good time before I left. we texted and texted, but then I texted him about a show he randomly invited me to and I said I was going and he said he wasn't going to be there because he had to work (sad face and everything), but I should still go. I said I wanted to hang with him, so there was no point if he wasn't going to be there and he NEVER texted me back. that was a month ago.

i texted him last week like 'what's up, stranger? how's classes?" and nothing to this day. I feel like he's ignoring me. he's been on fb and going to all these shows and not inviting me. I don't think I did anything wrong, so should I ask him what's up or should I ask him why is he ignoring me?


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  • do ya still talk/?


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