Married but there's more to it then meets the eyes?

okay so I got married when I was 16 cause I had his baby and I had to...and I am always a natural flirt ya know...i love my husband but not in love with him its just cause I have his I'm 18 and I am not happy, and there is this guy that I used to date that I was totally in love with that wants to be with me, and he tells me it all the time, he tells me all these sweet things like how he wants to give me my dream and what not and I want to beleive him but he has had a ruff past and I told him that and he was like well I have changed since I have seen you the other day. should I beleive him? please don't judge me, I am just young and don't know what to do cause I jumped into a marriage and he don't even treat me right.


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  • Marriages always come first, so try to work that out. Go to a marriage counselor or talk to your husband...just try to fix it. If it absolutely can't be fixed and you're unhappy, then maybe it's time to move on.


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