Why do girls wear thongs with sayings on them?

I've noticed a lot of girls wearing thongs that have little sayings on the back of them. Do they wear these to draw attention to their butts? Do they get embarrassed when this kind of underwear shows? How would they react if a guy came up and made a comment or joke about whatever was written on the back of their thong?


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  • it really depends on the girl as to weither or not you should say soemthing.

    Most of the time(id hope) you wouldn't be able to see the girls underwear through her jeans lol.

    I don't buy them thinking "oh I think this will attract boys"

    I just think they're cute.

    • Well you're more likely to see the underwear when their thong/underwear is hanging out of their pants. Would you be embarrassed if someone made a comment to you when you were wearing underwear with something written on the back?

    • Lol it depends on what they said..if I thought it sounded sort of mean I would be embarrassed..

      But if I knew they were only kidding I wouldn't care at all lol.

      It kinda depends on the person too, like if some creeper said something to me I would'nt find it very funny haha!

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  • i wear underweear that I think is cute. Sometimes little sayings are fun

  • cause I feel hawt.


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