Why would he say this?

My trainer commented on my shoes at least 3x. the first time, he said oh cool shoes. by the way they were amphibious shoes (used on land or water). they're similar to toe shoes. anyway, the second time he asked what grade I'm in (he's asked me b4 so its not his first time asking and it was an unnecessary question because he can determine my grade level based on my age, which he's ask a billion times) so I jokingly said a freshmen, he said I bet only freshmen would wear these shoes. and finally, as we were walking, he said OK like honestly, my mom has similiar shoes and they look like shoes. and then he's like do you go in the water with your shoes? by the way, all these comments of his were said with a smile and body language movement.
ohh and if you think he's trying to say I dress like an old person, I was in my work-out clothes if you wanna know what they are then I will reply bak xD
opps I meant to say they look like slippers not shoes. sorry!


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  • I think he's gay. And guys ask the same question over and over again because they aren't listening the first time :/


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