New hair?

i want a new out there style and I don't know what to do. I don't want my hair super short though. My face is more round and I have naturally light brown hair, and really white skin lol, anyone have any ideas?

  • Same - medium length that I have but with layers and red dark brown and blonde ?
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  • Cut it shorter with choppy layers and more dark brown and blonde?
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  • Don't cut it at all, just re-dye it with red, dark brown and blonde?
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  • For fall, the trend is always to go for darker browns and reds, with more layers and a sophisticated look. In summer, we all want our hair to be pretty easy to manage, because we're too busy doing other things. Sumemr and spring are about simplicity in hair fashion. But fall and winter are about letting your inner diva out, because it gets cold, you're dressing in coats and scarves and boots, and you can let yourself shine through your fashion and you hair. I just got my fall cut, and it's pretty angular, with side bangs and plenty of layers. I do it every fall, and so do many women. It was one of the most common things in the salon I worked at: blonde during spring and summer, brown and red during fall and winter.

    • Sounds like a good idea, thanks

  • i have that look too, really dark brown hair, shoulder length, and really pale skin. |You can't tell from the pic cause its curly there but I have side swept bangs. I think you should do that, cause I think my hair looks better on girls with rounder faces (and I'm so jealous of them) so try that look. Medium-short bob length (shoudler length to cin length) with side swept bangs.

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