Bikini advise?

1. What type of body do you have? What size boobs do you have?

2. Do you wear a bikini at the beach/ swimming? If not why?

3. What type of bikinis do you prefer?

4. Any bikini advise for me as I want to buy some new ones.


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  • 1. I'm really curvy. 42 inch hips, 32 inch waist. I wear a D cup. I'd say I'm an hourglass, curvy, thick, whatever we are calling it these days. lol I love my curvy body. I love my legs too, but I guess they are part of my body. ha ha

    2. Yes, I wear bikinis but I also really love the cut out one pieces, and the vintage inspired, retro one pieces. they are just so cute and the retro style works perfectly with my body type.

    3. Oh I answered that in #2. lol well I do wear string bikinis sometimes, but because I'm so curvy, its better if I use something with more support that won't easily come undone. like straps that are thicker and not string, halters are great for my big boobs. wearing skimpy bottoms isn't always a great decision either if I'm gonna be moving around and having fun. I have a rounder butt so yeah. anything to show off definition of my waist (emphasis of the curve) is good so if its a one piece, I like something that kind of cinches the waist and draws in. I really like bandeau bikinis, but I can't do it. my boobs are too big, and the tops are so skimpy and easily come off. they work sometimes if I'm just laying around, but swimming, running, I tried before and my top came off in the water. I do have one really good one but it was gift so I don't know where the hell my aunt got it. its very supportive and pretty, made for big boobed girls.

    4. depends on your body type. you can always google "best bikinis for ____body type." there's something for everyone!

    whats your body type?

    • I am curvy too, but have 36C t*ts. Thanks for a great answer. Have you ever been really embarassed falling out of a bikini top (or bottom)? It would be fun to talk, how do we become friends when we are on private profiles?

    • it only happened once, but I wasn't embarrassed. well only for a second then I just laughed about it and put on a shirt. never came out of a bottom though, but I had a wedgie once. lol you have to break anonymity. I'm always anonymous lol and yay for curvy girls :)

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  • Sounds like this was aimed more at girls, but to me as long as you don't have a big flabby tummy, you can wear one. Also, I think they're all great, just a matter of which one you like. Now, my BFF felt like she didn't have the tummy to wear one so she got a TANKINI. It's a top for a 2-piece, but it comes down a little more N covers some of the tummy, but not completely, at least not on her. They're mega sexy too...

  • Don't ask advice for a bikini. Srsly buy whichever you like and feel comfortable in.

  • If you want a top that's small to minimize tan lines, go with a triangle string top. Usually the cups are adjustable along the string. Just bunch it up to expose your boobs just to the edge of your areolas and then stich the cup to the string at that point. Just be careful when you move because you may slip out and give everyone an eyeful, but then again, it's the beach so a quick flash shouldn't matter!


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  • My body type is thin with long legs, arms, and torso, I do have a big butt which is annoying sometimes. My tummy is flat and I run so my legs are kinda muscular and I also weight lift sometimes. My boob size is 34B and I'm okay with that because if they where any bigger it would be uncomfortable. I love bikinis and especialy string ones because you get minimal tan lines and they are easy to fix to your size. I don't like one pieces because they give major wedgies and its really unattractive when you have farmers tan, well 2 me anyway. You gotta be careful in bikinis tho cause they do slip off especially if your diving. Ha my top almost always comes off when I dive but I usually have time to fix it before I get to the top. My bottom only falls off when I do flips. Anyway when it does fall off it does not really fall off my body, just more like moves out of place. If your buying a new bikini I advice not to buy expensive ones because I usually replace them by the end of summer so its just for one summer, also buy string ones because they are easy to ajust. And when your shopping around just try them on and see what looks the best on u. Maybe get a friend along that gives honest opinions too. I wouldent recommand shopping online because sometimes the sizes vary and you can't always return them.

  • I'm 5'-5", 134 lbs, 34C boobs, with a med butt.

    Yes I wear bikini's at the beach, swimming etc

    Ones where the top will hold up my boobs and the bottoms which cover much of the behind. If I had a really small butt I would probably go more towards the string bikini style.

    Get whatever makes you feel comfortable

  • 1. I have an average body I think (34, 26, 38)

    2. yes I wear a Bikini because I like the two piece better, it's easier to go to the bathroom with a two piece

    3. I like two strap ones.

    4. I think Victoria Secrets makes good ones. I bought mine on ebay, and it's Victoria secrets. It's pretty good

    • thats the first time i heard a girl saying that about a 2 piece and it being easier to go potty

  • I have an hour-glass shaped body i.e. slender waist, full-sized breasts, ample hips, long legs, slightly thick thighs ect. I do wear a bikini, but I usually wear board shorts over the bikini bottoms because not only do the bikini bottoms untie easily and float off into the ocean, but I usually go surfing, playing soccer/football/frisbee/climbing on the rocks/looking at the art displays so I'm running and walking a lot.

    • I second that! same body type. same bikini...board shorts are always bikini bottoms tend to give me wedgies and yeah! board shorts! ha ha :-)

  • 1) I have a naturally thin body, but I work on keeping my stomach a little bit toned. I wouldn't be caught dead in a bikini if I didn't have a nice tummy! My bra size is a 34D.

    2) I always wear a bikini when swimming or at the beach.

    3) Whatever looks good, really. :p

    4) Try them on and stare at yourself for a while. Like what you see? Get it. Feel uncomfortable or unattractive? Don't. That's about all the advice I can give!

  • thank god cheerleading kept me in shape thank you coach TT-TT

    1) I have a natural thin body I'm a C cup and its still going lol

    2) yes I do I feel warmer and more comfy hehe :)

    3) I like strings a lot and I like plaid and the stripe types (I just bought a red plaid one and a green and black striped one hehe)

    4) id say to purchase the ones that you like but also suit you and make your body comfortable

  • 1. very skinny, large hip to waist ratio, I'm a 30B

    2. I do wear a bikini

    3. I prefer ones with ties, especially the bottoms with ties as they really make your curves stand out

    4. vintage styles will make you look thin, but I don't know if that's an issue!

  • i have a bikini top with boy short bottoms..i think it looks sexier and leaves something to the a 34 b/light c sometimes I might try to coverup just because I'm not comfortable with my body

  • 1) thick but athletic, 34b

    2) negative ~ becuse I like to practice my dives for dive team or play games in the water so I don't want to worry about anything falling off

    3)something dofferent and not the typical triangle...boring!

    4)buy cheap and a size up becaues swim sizes run differently (so I'm told)

    good luck!

  • I design clothes and personally don't wear bikinis. but as long as your bust fits well into the top of the bikini and your hips look like they fit well into the bottoms everything is normally fine. Just make sure the bottoms don't cut into your hips and you can move around without worry of the top coming off for any reason.

  • 1. I'm tall &skinny but athletic build(hourglass) I have 24c boobs

    2.yes I wear a bikini

    3.i like halter tops, they flatter my figure dependss on your body type? I don't like buying strapless if you have a big chest,because they don't really fit well. and bright colors stand out if you're tan.

  • 1. I've almost got an hour glass but my boobs are small ( A 34)

    2.I wear a bikini top but not bottoms ,i prefer short shorts when I'm at the beach unless I'm going swimming or tanning.

    3.I LOVE triangle string lace bikinis but I usually wear a push up bikini top because of how small my boobs are.

    4.It depends on your body type. If you want to avoid tan lines though I'd go with a Bandeau bikini.

  • 1) I have a pear/ straight body shape and my breast size is 32B

    2)yes but only when I'm in water...when I am hanging out I wear a long shirt thing before (after I get wet I usually don't wear it)

    3) I have a halter top with tie bottoms

    4) just know your body shape and try DIFFERENT styles

    good luck:^)

  • 1. What type of body do you have? its between a pear and an hourglass

    What size boobs do you have? 32E

    2. Do you wear a bikini at the beach/ swimming? Bikini to the beach .. swimsuit to the pool

    If not why?

    3. What type of bikinis do you prefer?ones that have wired support and are colourful (preferably green :P)

    4. Any bikini advise for me as I want to buy some new ones. wellllllll make sure the ones you buy look good with your skin tone

  • 1- Hourglass, but not with a very big waist-hip ratio. 36 D

    2- I usually wear a one piece, but I have lost weight... and now I am thinking maybe I will this year.

    3- I want one that covers a little bit more of my legs... and definitely supportive for my breasts.

    4- Any advice would depend on your body structure and coloring.

  • Iam skinny but no curves and small boobs a B. But I wear bikinis the reg bikinis and I love them I buy at least 5 each summer . Target has really cute bikiniss and all kind of bikinis even push up bikinis and they are cheap cause I used to waste like 80 on bikinis but target las them for like 15 and right now I think they have the cutest bikinis

  • 1. I'd say I have an average body, I usually wear smalls but I still have a little meat on me.

    2. Depends on the bra, usually somewhere in the high B or low C.

    3. lol.. the beaches around here.. no swimming for me. But to a waterpark I wear one pieces for the sake of my top falling off on a waterslide, at the beach in the sand I wear bikinis.

    4. Get something FUN! Animal prints, bright colors, beaded edges, don't go all plain. :)

  • 1. I'm fairly chubby. I'm about 5'2'' or somewhere between 5 and 5'2'' and weigh 135. I have a very small tummy, slender legs, and Biiiiiiiig boobs. 30C.

    2. I don't wear bikinis because I have body-image issues... Yeah, yeah, I know... But bikinis now days expose a little too much for my modest tastes.

    3. I prefer to wear tankinis. They're much more comfortable, and easier to swim in because you have more support and rarely have to worry about your lovelys falling out of your top. They're also versitile because you can still tan in them.

    4. Just make sure that you can move in it without falling out of it or your bottoms falling down. If you swim with people who like to play pool games and jump in a lot and actually swim, you're gonna need to be really careful about that.

    I really hope I helped :)

    • Thanks! That is a big help! Have you had bad experiences with falling out of your bottoms?

    • Yes, actually I have. I'm rather flat in the butt area. I went to jump in the pool one time and they just flew down xD

  • I have an hourglass figure I guess you could say. And I have 42DD, I don't wear a bikini though. I find that they are too hard to find in a big enough size. Instead I go with a nice one piece, something that is still sexy but that fits and is comfortable.

    I used to get bikinis when I was younger, I would go with the thicker bands if you have a bigger chest, because they tend to be more comfortable.. String bikinis work for people who are more petite. If you find a bikini you really like, buy a few of them. I don't know about you, but I find it hard to find a bikini I like, so when I find one I really like, I buy several. I would also search around, try on different styles, see what you like best. I would also get a few different pieces, places like Wal-mart sell bikinis for cheap, and they tend to have a lot of different colours, makes it easy to get several different ones without spending a whole lot :)

    • i know! I can't for the life of me find a bikini top that will cover my boobs lol XD I'm 36 DD and I can't find anything here bigger then maybe a C cup. oh the plight of the large breasted woman lol

  • 1 athletic

    2 my boobies are 38D

    3 yes because I can buy tops & bottoms separately & also 1 bikini top I have is the best bra I own

    4 well if your boobs are big you have to make sure they'll stay in when your active. Also make sure the midriff area fits you well.

    my tops sometimes ride up & I don't realize the very bottoms of my boobs are showing. ha

    pay more get a good bikini.

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