How Does a Guy Hairstyle Himself?


Can anybody please tell me how to style my hair?

I'm pretty sure I would look so much hotter if I had a good hairstyle...

I don't want to cut it, I just wanna style it if you know what I mean...

I am a blond guy with short hair " an inch long". Can anybody tell me what to do? Or at least those who do style their hair how do they do it?

And one last thing if anybody knows some good website on how to do such stuff I would be very grateful... :)


Most Helpful Guy

  • when I go to cut my hair I ask for a short cut only using scissors. Then I use hairstyle wax and ruffle it from my neck and to my forhead, on the sides I either make it go forward or downward. You can look at my picture in my profile to see how it looks like.

    • thx man; you look good by the way :)

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  • Just get some gel put a pea size drop in your hand rub them togehter and rub in your hair. then just kinda let it fall where it wants to. the messy style is in and totally hot if you ask me.

  • Grow it slightly longer.. unless its already kind of mopish? personally I like blond guys with the mop thing going on.. but if its shorter like spike it or something? you could always dye it.. but that wrecks your hair :)

  • dye your hair black


What Guys Said 4

  • Try a paste instead of gel. They don't go hard like gels do, but they have a lot of hold instantly.

    Just take a pea sized amount, work it in, mess your hair up, then kind of shove it up a bit in the front.

  • An inch is pretty short to do much with but try searching the net for ways to style short hair. If worse comes to worst, grab some gel, go to a mirror and play around until you find something you like.


  • Do my cut. It's fresh to death, easy to put up and it works for all occasions.

    • Where can I find it?

    • I don't know if its got a style.. but if everyone calls it the wave because the front kind of resembles a crashing wave. I get a 2 on the sides and I keep it about an inch to an inch and a half long up top.

  • What's your face shape like?


    • 1. : I am the blond dude on the right



      4. ; am the dude on the very left...

    • To me it looks like you have an oval face shape, so any hairstyle would suit you.

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