Knee pain from doing b/w squats. should I stop?

For the past half a year or so I've been doing sets of body weight squats & hindu squats 2-3 times a weeks, recently I've been experiencing some reocurring knee pain. I have arthritis in the family, should I stop doing them?


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  • You may have arthritis. You should go get it checked out. When experiencing this type of pain, it's best to stop exercising until the cause is sorted out. Otherwise, you may accidentally cause some irreparable damage.


    • Already? damn, I really hope not! I started doing them as I do upper body workouts so I thought I'd better compensate, but if it will cause irreparable damage then I think I'll drop them for the time being.

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  • You should let them recover and maybe see your doctor. I'd try added weights if/once you're back to good health.

  • get some icy hot, or take a break for a couple weeks and do less reps.


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