Would you judge a girl by her tats and piercings if you started liking her before you knew she had them?

i have one tat on my stomach. on a normal day you wouldn't see it.

my one friend has 7 tats and 12 piercings. besides her ear piercings, you can't see any of them.

if you're a guy who's anti-tat and anti-piercing and you started getting to know either me or my friend and started liking us, then found out about the body mods, would you stop liking us and judge us differently or would you still like us and think of us the same way as before?


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  • I'm with the raven on this one...Nevermore!

    • haha. that's kinda shallow but funny.

    • That's me, shallow but funny. I'd give anything to be deep and boring though. Oh well, we all play the hand we're dealt. ; - )

    • It just occured to me that my girlfiend has two small tats. So I guess I'm not a shallow as I'd hoped.

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  • well, I am anti-tat first of all. I could probably get over one tat if it isn't anything bad. but piercings, no I couldn't get over them. I mean ears and belly button is OK, but anything else is just a turn off for me. But one tat and ear and belly button piercing would not beideal but I could live with it if I loved the girl :)

  • I don't mind tattoos, as long as you don't go overboard with them and get something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wH1tTlq5-Qk

    • omg why would someone do that? you can see a pic of my tat in my profile. it's small.

    • Oh yeah, that's not bad at all. You could have something like 5 times worse and I still wouldn't mind. I just not a fan of taking it to the extreme I guess.

  • As long as the tattoos and piercings are not on the face, I'd be cool with it. It's the same person, just with some ink on their body.

  • Well I'm not anti either so you would be all set in my books

  • well I'm not attracted to any of those crap, so I would slowly back off

    • so even if you fell in love with me, thought I could be the one, and then found out about my little butterfly tat you'd be like, no way, peace out?

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    • haha, that's funny. did you read my info? I'm a virgin, and will be till marriage. I'm like the anti-slut.

    • Still, I find it trashy. But most guys think its cool, so you should not have any problems with that

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