What is it like if you have red hair on a girl?

what is like is like if you have red hair and girl? I just saw a girl working in some shop. She has totally red hair like the one you see in sex and the city. And, she is very nice. I felt like I was seeing the girl in real life. How the life is like if you have that hair? I heard red hair has dirty attitudes. heheheh no offense.. just keeping it in general. Thanks.


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  • I don't think hair color is a factor in attitude or life being any different than the way it is for a blond or a chick with brown hair or black hair.

    It's hair...

    It doesn't give the wearer special powers or abilities.

    • oh they say it does reflect. There is chicken that has red crown and it's known having quick tempers than other dark crown on their heads. I mean chicken doesn't know what he/she look like, that proves.

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    • But I'm blonde...

    • oh... ok.. that's ok.. my friend is blond and had hard time and I corrected him and he is now very successful. I hope you a good luck! blond rocks!

  • Red hair really has no effect on personality. The stereotype of redheads being fiesty or dirty is just that-- a stereotype. It's accurate for some redheads, but not the majority. :)

    Hope this helps!


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