Tux or a suit to my girlfriend's prom?

My girlfriend's prom is on April 14th= less than 2 weeks and I'm wondering whether I should get a Tux Rented or use a suit I already have. The situation is that she is in an special school district (at 20 years old) and I'm in college (at 20 years old). The thrill of tuxedos are waning on me and the event isn't even on a weekend night, it's on a Thursday night. Both sexes opinions please? She says it's up to me what I wear, but What should I do? (Suit or Tuxedo)


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  • Tuxedo, it's far more special and sexier. God I'd forgotten how much I love tuxedos.

    • I see where your coming from but this occasion is not a senior prom or anything special. Does that matter? Plus, rental is $150.

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    • No tan...black! Hmmm...what KIND of tan? I'm just not sure now lol.

    • I looked and I do have black pants and suit jacket

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  • no tux. and here's why: guys don't know how to wear formal clothes very well. rented tux 's look over sized, boxy, etc.

    go to H&M and get yourself a charcoal or black jacket. they fit great. nice v shape, slim, "care free formal" kind of vibe to it. ( I didn't even need to get mine tailored) and they only run at $70. and you'll OWN it.

    shirt: H&M has em for $20. can't beat it. it may need to be tailored.

    pocket square: $10. your jacket will be "naked" without one. it should compliment the tie, not take attention away from it. agiain, H&M.

    Slacks: Lands end. com. you'll need to get them taken in a bit. put a 1 1/2 in. cuff etc. I got a pair for $30

    tie: don't wear your dad's! the (tie bar . com) has great quality ties for $15. I recommend skinny.

    Shoes: Id go with black. and the belt ALWAYS matches the shoes.

    Tailoring is incredibly important in making a guy look great in formal clothes.

    you'll look and feel like a bad ass. and you'll actually own your new formal clothes!

    feel free to ask any questions you've got!

    best of luck man.


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