Strange signals from a friend

so there's this girl I'm friends with and we also have a class together. One day last week in class her purple underwear was showing so after class I jokingly said to her that "I liked her purple g string today". She responded by pinching my cheeks together and pulling my face right up to hers and saying "I hope you took a good, long look then" before smiling at me and walking away.

This leads to yesterday which was really weird. She swung by my apartment and had just been on a shopping spree judging by the handful of bags she was carrying, one of which was a la senza bag. So she reaches into the bag and pulls out this baby blue thong with a little jewel on the back and says "Check out this g'd out shit."

I again jokingly said to her that it "wasn't bad" to which she replied "Really? Maybe you need a closer look then." She the proceeds to walk over to me, pinch my cheeks together again and pretty much force me to kiss the rhinestone on the back of the underwear. She again smiled at me and said "I'll bet you think these a sexy now considering that was pretty much like kissing my ass"

So I'm confused about how to react to all of this. At first I thought she was just being flirty but after yesterday I don't know what to think.


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  • She is crazy (at least from all the info here), I'd suggest you run.


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  • I'd have to agree with the first poster!

    The first incident could have been cute/flirty, but the second one sounds kinda freakishly scary!

  • Uhm yeah.I'd run too! Sounds like an immature psychotic girl if you ask me


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