Guys why do you do this???

Well I have started talking to this guy and his a cool person to be around but there's something that really bugs me about him. When were talking instead of looking in my eyes or face he looks at my boobs in my opinion I hate when guys do that!

why can't guys look at you in the face ?


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  • This ONLY happens to me if the girl has large ones and dresses all the time in low cut outfits.

    In that situation, what to you EXPECT! Most guys can't avoid looking at someting that prominent inches below your face, Even if they try to avoid staring! I definitely try to avoid looking, and I try hard, but if they are really large and really unconvered.

    I would recommend a totally easy solution: COVER UP your chest more. No way will most guys stare even at large ones if they're covered up, even if the clothes are tight and you can still tell they're big.

    You'll find guys are a lot more confortable just talking and being friendly to you if they aren't having to look six feet over your head to AVOID staring at what's six inches BELOW your head.

  • Probably because the guys your age are far more immature. That and guys are expressively sexual. Not all guys do this.


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