Looks matter to a point, but isn't this extreme..?

my boyfriend seems to think I'm "too pretty for him" and he isn't good enough and wants to just be friends. how can I convince him I really don't see that and I see a sexy, strong, amazing guy when I look at him? long distance relationship, he lives 8 hours away by car and I can't get a way down there.

we both are pretty mature for our age, I'm 18, he;s 20. I really want to make this work...
Yes I am 18, but I'm mature. I'm not like 18 year olds that need a new boyfriend every week or need a hook up every week. I'm not a typical high school slut thank you very much.


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  • In most cases, people beat around the bush and there's other lingering feelings.. Like maybe he's jealous about the guy(s) your talking to.. Maybe he's insecure about how much you mean to him.. Maybe he's found another girl and just doesn't feel complete enough to end this one..

    If he's not wanting to fight FOR a relationship, then I recommend you let him go. I understand and relate with you 110% on wanting things to work, but from my knowledge: If it's not mutual, it never lasts.

    I really do hope you the best.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Your answer was really really great, thanks :)

      Would you maybe have any advice on getting him to open up on what may be the reason whether it is jealousy or him being insecure or finding someone else. I've asked him, but he always responds with "i don't know" and I know how guys hate it when girls are pushy so I usually stop asking and say "ok, no worries" so to me, it seems like he just gets quieter and barely talks, like he's upset I don't try harder. Any advice would be awesome :) Thanks.

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    • (P.s. for people reading these comments)

      - To back up why I say "fight for a friendship".. There's no obvious signs up to this point that I've read which show that this interaction is abusive.. So personally, I don't see anything wrong with it other than these two people are incompatible.. Additionally, women tend to love finding that last closure to "seal the deal" rather than leaving things open.. If she became friends with him, he may eventually spill the truth to her, thus closure.

    • Thanks :)

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  • translation, he has no balls and is just looking for a reason to either end it, or prevent himself from getting hurt.

    Find a boyfriend with fully developed testicles, you will be happier.

    • Age 32 yet you sound so childlike, I'll be sure not to take your advice.

    • sugar coated advice is never heeded.

  • Tell him which of his physical and non-physical features that appeal to you

    • I have, I sincerely thought it might help but it didn't, at all.

  • You seem to be missing a few things here. Your 18, just a kid learning about males. You should not have a boyfriend, you should have dozens. The Boyfriend, realizes you are 8 hours away and has very likely already replaced you with someone that lives near him. It does sound like he likes you, because he concocted that silly story about you being too pretty instead of just telling you bug off as he has a new girl in his life.

    I'm sorry if that was a bit blunt, but you needed to know. And please, stop having a boyfriend until you are a bit older. You need to experience a wider assortment of males so that when the time comes you can make a better selection for a boyfriend.

    • Not only was that completely unfortified and self-defeating, but it made you sound like quite an ass.

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