Is it decieving if a guy wears heels?

I haven't done that before but how about some 1 - 3 inches more? would girls consider that cheating if they find out? or would it be a good push up for a guy's confidence in a public place to meet girls then it doesn't matter if he's a little bit shorter in reality?
  • Girls are allowed to, guys aren't, we eye em up and grab taller ones
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  • For the sake of equality, heels might enhance your initial chances with taller girls then real exact height wouldn't matter
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  • You don't have to look over 5'11'', the average 5'8'' is my favourite
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Most Helpful Girl

  • If I saw him without heels I'd be like "oh he just shrunk 3 inches" but I wouldn't be mad about it or anything. I wear pushup bras sometimes and makeup so I can understand if he was wearing elevator shoes. Just don't wear high heels like a woman, but I think they have regular looking man's shoes that have a lift in them.

    BTW 5'8 isn't short, it's average height for a man so you don't need heels.

    • oh it's man's shoes for sure :p and nice advice, nice thought, thank you anony girl! :D

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What Girls Said 4

  • Eggghh, even if they are well disguised heels, I think short guys are better off without them. You'd rather have a girl who attracted to the real you. Believe it or not, there actually are girls who are into shorter dudes. Plus I think people will never stop making fun of the guy in heels once they find out, lol.

    • lol, are there tall girls who specifically like guys shorter than them?

    • Yup! :)

      5'8" isn't that short anyway, if you really want the lift then I think anything from 1 to 2 inches is best without being too obvious.

    • cool advice, thanks :)

  • so you're 5'8? that's not even that short,really. just don't do it,i would start laughing if you took your shoes off and suddenly you fell beneath eye level.

    • hahaha are you hinting you're giant-model girlie? :p

  • my bf's shoes have an one inch sole. I don't call that heels, just some extra cushioning and that's fine with me

    but 3 inches is crossing the line

    • how about 2 invisible inches?

    • no? that' s weird to me. besides 5'8 isn't short

    • well all shoes would add a 1 inch of height... so it should be cool :)

  • Lol I'm sorry, but I'd take a shorter guy over a guy in heels any day. The world isn't ready for man heels haha

    • hahaha

      why, is it cause of how heels would look like on a guy, or cause it's deceiving?

    • It just looks stupid lol

    • hahaha, probably!

What Guys Said 1

  • I swear if I see a guy with heels, I WILL point and laugh.

    • HAHA no no, they don't look like women's heels, they're rather like this one :p


    • i'd do the exact same thing. lmfao

    • society terrorist check the link out, what do you think? lol

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