Have you ever been on auto pilot??

if you watched click...im sure you remember how Adam Sandler was on auto pilot...I mean he's doing stuff...but he's not really there...I just realized I was like that for over a week...haven't talked to anyone...never answered the door...barely went to class...and been online all week...surfing the net for pointless crap...anyone felt like that before?


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  • When that happens, go outside for a little walk around the block and some fresh air. The sun might make your eyes tear up, and the birds chirping might make you a little nauseous. But, once you get used to it, you'll want to do it more often!

    • have you had this feeling before?

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    • I don't believe in meds...but I hear people cover their problems these days with "comfort foods" you know all kinds of crap...maybe I should look into that :p

    • Comfort food will only make you fat. Exercise, eat fruit and vegetables, protein, and light carbs. Don't take meds, but talk to a therapist. They are very helpful, especially if you are a quiet person- they help you open up, and will make you talk about things you never knew you thought about. Or, if you constantly have thoughts running through your head, they can help you sort them out. Good luck! :p

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